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How Exo Creates the Perfect Floating Environment – Redefining the new standard of Float experiences

Floating therapy, often referred to as sensory deprivation or floatation therapy, has garnered attention for its profound impact on relaxation, mental clarity, and overall well-being. At its core, this therapeutic practice relies heavily on the environment it creates. Exo, standing out in the realm of float technology, understands these intricacies and has meticulously engineered a setting that takes floating to another level. Dive in to see how:

Nature inspired Lighting: In a masterful blend of nature and technology, Exo seamlessly incorporates biorhythmic lighting into its state-of-the-art float tanks. This pioneering technology gracefully echoes our innate circadian rhythms, meticulously guiding the body towards a profound state of relaxation. Imagine initiating your session enveloped in the warm embrace of a tranquil sunset, gradually easing into the serenity of complete darkness — Exo artfully curates this sensory journey. With its expansive array of lighting options, Exo stands unrivalled, offering the most holistic lighting experiences in the float tank industry.


Sound is one of our primary sensory inputs. We are constantly surrounded by sounds, whether it’s the hum of appliances, chatter of people, the rustling of leaves, or even our own breathing. Our brain is constantly processing these sounds, even when we are not actively paying attention to them.

Creating an environment completely devoid of sound can be disorienting or startling for many people, especially if they are not used to such quietude. This is because the brain is always seeking stimuli to process. In the absence of sound, one might become more aware of other sensations, like the heartbeat or the sound of one’s own breathing.

This is one of the reasons why sensory deprivation tanks, which aim to reduce sensory input, can initially feel strange to some people. However, within the Exo we strategically position sound transducers transform the entire pod into a speaker. This design ensures crystal clear sound regardless of whether your head is submerged in the solution or above it. This allows  many users a gradual way to adjust, the experience can be profoundly relaxing and meditative.

Dynamic Temperature Regulation: Exo’s tanks come equipped with sensors that actively monitor the water temperature, making minute adjustments to maintain the skin-receptor neutral state. This ensures that floaters feel neither the water nor the air, dissolving the boundary between the two.

Fresher Air and Lower Humidity: By adopting a system where the float tank empties and refills between sessions, Exo ensures two distinct advantages. Firstly, this process minimizes evaporation within the pod, and secondly, it prevents the entrapment of humid air. As a result, users are welcomed into a space with refreshing, light, and pleasant air quality at the beginning of each session. Given that breathing in a 100% humidity environment can feel stifling for many, this design choice is significant.

Cleanliness: A common concern with traditional float tanks is the unsettling thought of floating in water previously used by another person. With the Exo float tank, this worry is entirely alleviated. Thanks to its unique design that drains and refills between sessions, Exo ensures every drop of water is thoroughly filtered and sterilized using its cutting-edge filtration system. Given the heightened senses during a float, scent plays a pivotal role in the experience. Exo’s choice of Hydrogen peroxide as the primary sterilizing agent ensures not only cleanliness but also a neutral environment, free from any harsh chemical Odors.


Anti-Condensation Design: Exo has thoughtfully crafted a ceiling structure that effectively redirects condensation away from the pod’s central area, allowing floaters a drip-free experience. This design benefit is complemented by Exo’s lower humidity approach and the added insulation from its double-skinned fiberglass shell, ensuring a comfortable and uninterrupted session

Access into the Pod:

Exo has uniquely redesigned the pod entrance, setting it apart from any other product on the market. This innovative design simplifies the entry and exit process more than any other Pod, Float room, or Cabin available. Additionally, its unrestricted access accommodates a hoist, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

Internal Space:

The internal space of the Exo pod boasts an ‘infinity surface’ design, masterfully crafted to avoid any creases or line marks. This ingenious feature blurs the boundaries, making it challenging to gauge the actual dimensions and distances within. Such an illusion, combined with its already unparalleled size as the largest pod on the market, ensures that users feel an enhanced sense of spaciousness. This thoughtful design ensures an environment that feels anything but confined, offering users an exceedingly comfortable and expansive floating experience.

In sum, Exo doesn’t merely offer a float experience; it crafts a holistic environment where every detail is fine-tuned to the user’s comfort and well-being. Their innovations in float technology exemplify the future of sensory deprivation therapy, promising unparalleled relaxation and therapeutic benefits.


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