User Experience

a comprehensive & concise way to manage your float spa

Our user interface allows one person to manage multiple Floatation Tanks from a single location, which can reduce staffing costs and improves the day-to-day operations of the Float Tanks. This is especially helpful in Float Spas because you can scale the business without increased staffing costs.

Class Leading

No other Sensory Deprivation Tank on the market today uses a Custom Touchscreen Computer User Interface, other than ours. Each Exo Float supplied float spa receives a Control PC which comes setup with our custom built in-house software to control the Exo Float Tanks with.

emergency notifications

In case of emergency, the Exo Control PC immediately informs you of what’s happening. For example; If a customer has pushed the emergency button – they need immediate assistance. Our software allows you to know exactly what happening in your Exo Float Tank’s in real-time.

Consumables Notifications

The Exo Control PC also controls and monitors your Consumable usage. Like if the filters are starting to clog up, or the Float Tank is running low on System Stabilizer H2O2. The Control PC will let you know.

Multi-Tank Control From One Screen

Float Spa’s which have tanks with body or wall mounted controls require your presence to change or monitor settings. With our software, not only can you monitor the Float Tanks remotely but, you can monitor multiple float tanks on your location – lowering float spa staffing costs.

user Friendly Design

The Exo control software has been designed and tested to be easy to use with minimal training as well as allowing easy monitoring and display of float parameters such as the temperature of the solution, the length of the float, the time remaining, and other user selections. With the objective of simplifying the day to day running and maintenance of your float tank, it allows you more time to spend supporting your customers.

Float Session Customisation Control

The touch screen control panel allows easy selection of the float times, music and lighting. We are constantly updating our software with new music options and lighting profiles. Feel free to give us recommendations!

Status Monitoring Control

From the Exo Control PC, you are able to monitor each Float Tank on the premises and see exactly where in their float session they are, what lighting profile is being used, and what music is being used.