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Maintenance Items – (Operations/Maintenances Guides Available for full details)

Salt Levels, Chemical Levels, Water Depth, Filters, UV Bulb


Filters – Exo reminds customers when to replace and change filters when they are getting blocked due to Smart sensing on plus Units, or a countdown timer on zero models

Pre filter block – small blue foam block which catches larger items such as hair to extend filter life

UV bulb lifetime – the bulb is to be replaced every 2 years.

H202 Sensor Membrane – once yearly

Dosing Pump Hose – once every 6 / 12 month

Spares for all wearing parts are available along with consumables for product support. Exo recommends specific supplies to ensure warranty and reliability. 

How many floats are possible before changing the filter? What is the cost of the filter?  

This depends on how harshly they are used, if you have customers who lose a lot of hair etc. the filters are going to be block up faster – as a guide our filters typically last 30 days.
Currently a filters costs £15.48 on Wellness-Supplies.co.uk, where we supplies everything float tanks, for the best prices.

Installation & Use:

What surface area is needed to install the tank and what minimum space is needed for its functioning?

We would recommend a minimum size room of 4.2 meters x 4.2 meters – however there are various combinations which include plant rooms with the Pumps System and Storage tanks. If you have any specific requirements, we offer layout & floor plans in our Buying Plans.

 What kind of water and electricity connection are needed?

We would recommend a hot water supply In the Exo room, and Storage tank Location. This allows for easier washing down of rooms, Exo and Initial fill.

Electricity supply required – Each Exo requires a 25 Amp (220 – 240v supply) The breaker needs to be Class C or higher to prevent it tripping.