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The Leader in Float Tanks & Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Float Tanks Trusted Globally by Float Centres, Spas, Hotels, Sports Institutes and Medical Facilities

Experience unparalleled quality with our state-of-the-art Exo float tank. Designed for ease of installation, operation, and maintenance, this sensory deprivation tank is constructed from premium materials and showcases the leading edge of float technology. Equipped with remote assistance, thorough filtration, and advanced UV sterilization, the Exo tank is the benchmark for hygiene and functionality in the market.

The Ultimate in Float Tank Filtration & Cleanliness

The Exo Float Tank is designed with superior cleanliness in mind. It uniquely empties and then refills with fresh Epsom Salt solution before and after each use. This ensures that the entire solution is thoroughly purified using our cutting-edge photo-catalytic UV sterilizer and precision 1 Micron absolute filters. By adopting this meticulous cleaning approach, the Exo Float Tank sets the hygiene benchmark in floatation devices.

In comparison, many conventional float tanks keep their solution, merely cycling it through a single filter between sessions. This system might overlook areas of solution that don’t circulate as efficiently.

Claims from other manufacturers of over 100% filtration usually pertain to the pump’s volume-circulating capability, not the overall cleanliness. As a result, residues like skin particles or other contaminants can build up, leading to periodic replacement needs for the Epsom salt solution. With Exo, you’re choosing top-tier purity for every float session.

100% Filtration
Each session filters 100% of the solution (unlike other float tanks)
60>% energy efficient
Than other uninsulated float tanks
Remote support
Internet aware support from our engineers
UV Sterilisation system
highest level of cleanliness
Competitive pricing & Low Running Costs
Finance avaliable