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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to frequently asked questions. Feel free to email us at sales@wtec.ltd if you cannot find your answer here:

EXO Float Tank FAQs

Why should I choose the Exo over other Float Tanks?

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability sets us apart. We prioritize customer experience and constantly refine our designs based on feedback. Ensuring the latest technologies are employed to enhance the float experience in any way possible. When you buy an Exo, you will be treated to many unique and exclusive features as well as long standing support. For an indepth look at the features of our pod and why we made the design choices we did, visit our features page.

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What is the advantage of filling and emptying?

Filling and emptying the Pod allows for 100% of the solution the be cleaned and processed.

Imagine you have a 100L bath tub filled with water and glitter that you wish to remove. You are given two ways to remove the glitter.

    1. Remove a 1L bucket of water, filter out the glitter, then pour it back into the tub, and repeat this until you’ve removed the 100 buckets full.
    2. Remove all 100L over water into a new container while pouring it through a filter. Then pour the 100% filtered water back in to the bath tub.

The issue with the first method is that while you have filtered out the volumetric equivalent of water, you cannot 100% guarantee that all the glitter will be removed. The glitter would redistribute around the water constantly and it would be extremely difficult to remove all of it. This is how a traditional float tank cleans itself. Dirt, skin particles and other contaminants float and distribute constantly, making it extremely difficult to remove all contaminants.

The Exo uses the 2nd method. By removing all the solution from the Pod via a filter, you know that the contaminants cannot redistribute and will all be caught by the filtration system.

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Other float tanks require the solution to be replaced after 9 months, does the Exo require this?

No, if the Exo is correctly maintained, you should never need to replace the solution in the Exo.

We understand how frustrating and wasteful it is having to lose a business day and over half a ton of Epsom Salt to replace the solution. This is why avoiding this scenario was of our key design specifications.

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Can I expect any future upgrades to the Exo?

Yes, we’re committed to the continual refinement of our product, ensuring key reliability and safety enhancements are always updated free of charge. However, please note that while these core updates come at no extra cost, select premium features might incur an additional fee.

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How many people are required to run an Exo?

Only 1 person is required to run an Exo. The Exo has been designed to be as easy and straight forward to run, with minimal action required on the operators part.

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Is it easy to operate an Exo?

Yes, this was one of our key design specifications. Floats can be started at the touch of a button, which handles filling, floating and emptying the Pod with no additional input from the operator.

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Can I run multiple Exo Pods at the same time?

Yes, the Exo Control Software has been designed to run multiple pods as easily as possible. Starting floats is done at the touch of a button. A single person can easily operate multiple Exos and the user interface has been designed to accommodate this.

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How much energy does the Exo Use?

This is a question we frequently receive from customers. The issue with this question is it depends on so many different environmental factors it’s impossible to give a specific answer to each customer. Something to watch out for is some manufacturers will quote specific running costs, these are likely to be “cherry picked” values that do not represent realistic usage of the pod.

For example, the temperature of your building will hugely determine the rate at which the solution cools. Over time, temperature will equalise – this mean the solution will try to bring the room temperature to 37°C and the room air will try to bring the solution down to room temperature. A room at 20°C will “drain” more energy from the solution than a room at 25°C.

The other variable to keep in mind is that the majority of floatation tanks, (the Exo included), are made from fiberglass. Fiberglass is naturally thermally insulative material so heat will find it harder to escape through it. Because of this, you’ll find that the majority of heat loss is from where the solution is in contact with the air. For the traditional float tank, this would be the surface of the solution inside the tank, which has a huge surface area. This process will also be accelerated if there’s any form air movement in the room, for example an extractor fan to remove humidity from the float room.

The Exo avoids this problem by storing the solution in a fiberglass reservoir tank. This means the surface area of solution in contact with air is far smaller than traditional float tanks. The other advantage of reservoir tanks is they are far easier to insulate as well. We can supply insulation jackets for our reservoir tanks that can further help with reducing your energy bills.

While all of this doesn’t answer the question of “how much energy the Exo uses”, it has to be judged on a case by case basis. We can provide you with values we’ve measured from running a float centre, but it is likely your specific usage values will be different. If you’d like these values, please contact us.

When looking at a float tank, look at how much of the solution is exposed to air when not in use – this will give you a way of comparing heat loss and therefore energy usage. A smaller surface area exposed to air will lose less energy and therefore save you on your energy bills.

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Can I use my own music with the Exo?

The Exo Control App allows you to upload and use your own music tracks. Please ensure you have sufficient licensing before using the custom music tracks.

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Are there any optional extras I can get with my Exo?

We currently offer three optional upgrades, and we may have more in the future.

    1. Wash Down Pump – This pump empties the contents of the pod into a drain. With this, you can hose down your Exo after a float and then drain the water.
    2. Hydrophobic coating – This coats the interior of the Exo. This helps when cleaning the Exo after each use. We highly recommend this if you’re using the Wash Down Pump.
    3. Insulation Jackets – These insulate the reservoir tanks, lowering the amount of heat loss and therefore lower energy usage. They offer a great return on investment.
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Setting Up an Exo For your Business FAQs​

Is there a required room size for the Exo?

There isn’t a specific room size that is required for the Exo. Typically, one tank takes up about 4 meters by 4 meters. However, the Exo is able to be customised to fit many different room sizes. Get in contact with us today to find out how Exo can fit your float room.

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I'm not sure how many float tanks I can fit into my facility, what would you recommend?

How many tanks you can fit really depends on your space. Typically, one tank takes up about 4 meters by 4 meters (or 16 square meters, which is roughly 172 square feet). But we can adjust based on your layout. Remember to set aside space for a post-float relaxation area and a utilities section for washing towels and housing the boiler for hot water. While we can’t visit in person, we’re more than happy to assess virtually if you provide us with floor plans. This way, we can give you tailored advice.

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Do I require a specialist installation team for the Exo?

No, the Exo has been designed for easy setup. From factory, we can supply you with the necessary pipework for your unique float room. We’d recommend getting a plumber to install the piping to the Exo, though you could do this yourself if you are confident. A certified electrician is required to connect the Exo to the mains supply.

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Is there anything we should plan for in the setup of our float room specific to the Exo Float Tank?

One great feature of the Exo is it can turn off and on the room lights with the Pod door opening and closing, so its possible to turn the lights off for the float room when the lid is closed. The internal Saving the annoyance of PIR’s not working once the session has ended.

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How much training is required to run an Exo?

The amount of training is required is minimal. Running floats is done at the touch of a single button. For maintenance, the Exo has been designed to be user friendly and accessible. All maintenance tasks are well documented and require little skill from the operator.

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What amenities or features do you recommend for my float room?

A premium floatation experience is not just about the tank itself but the entire atmosphere and the amenities provided. Here’s a list of recommended amenities and features to enhance the floatation experience at your centre:

    • Sound Insulation: To ensure a serene environment, soundproofing the rooms can help in blocking out external noise.
    • Adjustable Lighting: Soft, dimmable LED lights inside the tank can allow users to set their preferred ambiance. Some even appreciate chromotherapy or colour-changing options.
    • Ambient Communal area Music: An option to play soothing music can enhance the experience and create an overall relaxing ambience.
    • Post-Float Relaxation Area: A calming space with comfortable seating where guests can relax, sip on herbal tea, and reflect post-session.
    • Hygiene Amenities: Provide organic, sulphate-free body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and earplugs. Its suggested that the products are also pH neutral, and its recommended that customers only use products post float, not pre – to avoid adding contaminants to the float solution.
    • Instructional Guide: It’s beneficial, especially for newcomers, to provide a clear and concise guide detailing what they should anticipate and tips for maximizing their float experience. Sending this guide a few days prior to their appointment not only familiarizes them with the process but also gives them an opportunity to come up with any questions they might have for their visit. While a one-on-one introduction with the receptionist is ideal, it’s also useful to keep a straightforward step-by-step guide in the float room. This acts as a handy reference, especially if a guest forgets a detail or two from the initial briefing.
    • Temperature Control: A climate-controlled room ensures users are comfortable before and after their float.
      Refreshment Corner: Offering herbal teas, infused water, or fresh juices can be a delightful touch for guests post-float.
    • Reading Materials: Books or magazines on mindfulness, meditation, and wellness can be made available in the relaxation area.
    • Feedback Station: A digital or paper-based system where guests can share their experience, suggestions, and testimonials. Its great marketing tool and allows customers to give honest feedback for improvements.

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Besides floatation therapy, what other wellness services should we consider adding?

While floatation therapy is highly effective on its own, integrating the listed services can further enhance and complement the holistic wellness experience.

    • Massage & Massage Chairs: Traditional massage assists in muscle relaxation, pain management, and stress relief, while massage chairs offer automated relaxation sessions.
    • Aromatherapy: Essential oils play a role in boosting psychological and physical health.
    • Meditation Classes: Guided sessions help in fostering mindfulness and reducing stress.
    • Sauna: Encourages sweating, aiding in detoxification and promoting muscle relaxation.
    • Yoga Classes: Aimed at enhancing flexibility, muscle strength, and mental serenity.
    • Acupuncture: An ancient technique used to alleviate pain and address various conditions.
    • Reflexology: Targets pressure points in the feet, hands, and ears for a holistic therapeutic effect.
    • Cryotherapy & Ice Baths: Cold exposure therapies designed for inflammation reduction and recovery enhancement.
    • Hypobaric Chambers: Simulate high-altitude conditions, potentially improving athletic performance and overall health.
    • Magnasphere Therapy: A magnetic resonance therapy to counteract stress, pain, and inflammation.
    • Compression Boots: These devices promote circulation and help in the recovery of muscles, especially after intense physical activity.
    • Red Light Therapy: A therapeutic technique that uses red and near-infrared light to treat skin issues, pain, and inflammation.
    • Ozone Therapy: Uses ozone gas to treat infections, wounds, and multiple diseases, enhancing the body’s intake and use of oxygen.
    • Sunlight Room: A space designed to mimic natural sunlight, which can help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and boost mood.
    • Reiki: Energy healing that balances the body’s energy fields.
    • Nutritional Counseling: Tailored advice on diet and nutrition to optimize health.
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How do we ensure that our team is well-prepared and trained to deliver top-notch floatation sessions?

We offer comprehensive training programs and materials. All process are well documented and assistance can be provided with a phone call to our support team.

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Do I have to worry about external sounds disturbing my customers floats?

This is a key concern of any float tank owner. To combat this, our float tank is designed to work optimally within a well-constructed room environment. We will assist you with room construction and design, to ensure that external noises are minimized, providing an uninterrupted and serene floating experience.

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Floatation Therapy FAQs

What are the key reasons or benefits that make floatation therapy appealing?

Floatation therapy provides deep relaxation, aids in stress and pain relief, enhances creativity, improves sleep, and speeds up muscle recovery. It’s a holistic way to rejuvenate both mind and body. Floatation therapy is a non-invasive approach that stands apart from many other wellness treatments. It requires no medication, ensuring individuals don’t have to worry about potential side effects or dependencies that can arise from pharmaceutical interventions. Additionally, it’s accessible to everyone, regardless of age or background. There’s no skill or training needed to reap the benefits of floatation. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular, every session offers an opportunity for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. The intuitive nature of simply lying back and floating means that anyone can walk in and experience the therapeutic effects without any prior knowledge or preparation.

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What kind of demographic do float services cater to?

Floatation Therapy is applicable to people of almost all demographics. We’ve listed some demographics that floatation can be especially useful for:

    • Stress and Anxiety Sufferers: Individuals ranging from working professionals and students to parents, or essentially anyone embedded in today’s high-stress, fast-paced society, are increasingly turning to floatation therapy. Floatation offers a sanctuary of calm, reducing the levels of stress hormones in the body. By immersing in a sensory-deprived environment, these individuals find relief from anxiety, mental tension, and the overwhelming buzz of modern life.
    • Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts: This group includes professional athletes, fitness trainers, marathon runners, and regular gym-goers. The attraction here lies in floating’s myriad physical benefits. Floatation aids in muscle recovery, helps reduce lactic acid buildup, and can speed up the healing process after intense physical exertion. The Epsom salts in the water can further enhance muscle relaxation and provide essential minerals.
    • Chronic Pain Patients: For those grappling with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, or persistent back pain, floatation therapy can be a boon. The buoyancy provided by the float tank takes gravitational pressure off aching muscles and joints. Many find that the weightless environment offers substantial pain relief, making floating a part of their pain management regimen.
    • Pregnant Women: Expectant mothers, especially those in the latter stages of pregnancy, often seek out floatation therapy. Floating can significantly alleviate the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy. From swollen feet and backaches to general fatigue, the weightless environment provides an oasis of comfort and relaxation for pregnant women.
    • Creatives and Thinkers: The sensory deprivation of a float tank isn’t just for relaxation—it can also act as a catalyst for creativity. Writers, artists, musicians, researchers, and even entrepreneurs find that the isolation aids in focus, problem-solving, and innovative thinking. Without external distractions, the mind is free to wander, brainstorm, and create.
    • Insomnia and Sleep Disorder Sufferers: People struggling with sleep disorders or irregular sleep patterns often benefit from floatation therapy. Floating has shown promise in improving sleep quality by relaxing the body and mind. The deep relaxation experienced during a session can reset the body’s circadian rhythm, leading to better and more restorative sleep.
    • Personal Development and Meditation Enthusiasts: For those on a journey of mindfulness, meditation, and personal growth, floatation tanks offer a unique environment. The sensory deprivation allows for deep meditation and introspection. Some even report experiences of self-transcendence or heightened states of consciousness after regular sessions.
    • PTSD and Trauma Patients: Veterans, accident survivors, or individuals recovering from traumatic experiences find solace in the float tank. Floatation therapy can be a complementary approach in trauma processing, significantly reducing anxiety and offering a sense of calm, safety, and well-being.
    • Overworked or Burned-out Individuals: In our demanding world, many are on the brink of burnout, be it corporate professionals, healthcare workers, or educators. Floatation provides a respite from the constant stimuli, demands, and pressures of their jobs. A session offers a profound relaxation break, allowing them to recharge and rejuvenate.
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Are you part of any collaborative networks or communities related to floatation therapy?

Yes, we are active members of the International Floatation Association and regularly collaborate with industry leaders to set best practices.

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Could you elaborate on the sustainability of a floatation tank and its environmental impact?

Exo Float Tanks are designed with sustainability in mind. Our tanks are energy-efficient, and the salts used are responsibly sourced. The tanks’ long lifespan reduces wastage and ensures minimal environmental impact. Wastage of solution is minimised by our tanks state of the art cleaning system, there is no need to dump and replace to solution with the Exo.

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Running an Exo Float Tank FAQs

How long does it take to fully filter the solution to between customers?

It takes around 4 minutes to empty the Pod through the filters, and then around another 4 minutes to fill the Pod for once the next customer arrives.

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What should we do for a booking system and controlling our customers' float sessions?

We recommend implementing an online booking system. It allows clients to schedule sessions at their convenience and helps manage sessions and control room timings. We can recommend some trusted platforms, just get in touch.

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Can you share details about the maintenance regime and frequency for your Exo Float Tanks?

Our tanks are designed for minimal maintenance. All maintenace tasks are detailed within documentation supplied with the Exo. At the start of each day, an operator should check the water quality and adjust if necessary. They should also change the filters once a month and refill the dosing H2O2 when it runs out. The Exo Control software will give reminders of when to do these tasks.

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In case of any issues or challenges during sessions, how do you handle and resolve them?

We provide comprehensive customer support. Our team is trained to troubleshoot most issues remotely. If on-site assistance is needed, we ensure prompt service.

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I'm unsure about the financing plans or membership packages to offer to clients interested in frequent sessions?

We can share insights from our most successful partners. Offering tiered memberships, loyalty discounts, and package deals can incentivize regular floats.

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Other FAQs

Do you provide any after sales support?

At Exo we do not believe our job is finished after we’ve supplied the Pod. We will assist you in the designing your float rooms, to providing support on your installation. We will help you with any issues you have in order to keep your pod running in perfect condition.

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Could you share the history and motivation behind launching your floatation pod?

Our founders were passionate about holistic wellness. After experiencing the transformative power of floatation, they were inspired to design a float tank that combined efficiency, aesthetics, and sustainability – leading to the birth of Exo Float.

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