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Frequently Asked Questions


These FAQ’s are for our Float Tanks, email us at sales@wtec.ltd if you cant find your answer here:

Floating FAQs

These FAQs are for YOUR Float Spa Customers. Add your specific information where indicated & modify to suit your needs!

Is your tank certified by CE?

Yes, it is CE Certified

Strengths and Weaknesses 

  • The Fill & Empty Filtration Setup- The Exo Float tank has been designed with a reservoir system. The system fully drains, filters and cleans the solution after each customer. When not in use, the solution is stored in the reservoir saving on heating costs. It is possible to start a float without solution to experience the transition into zero gravity.
  • Exo is Smart – it is remotely accessible at all times, plus models allow monitoring of H202 levels, pH Levels, Filter life, UV life – customers are guaranteed a perfect, clean and safe float every time.  
  • The Exo Float Tank uses Smart H2O2 dosing – the hydrogen peroxide needed is only added when our H2O2 sensor sees that the concentration is low, saving you a job and H2O2 you may have over-used.
  • Automatic door – Exos Large fully opening door allows for ease of entry for customers – the large opening allows customers to enter the Exo Unobstructed, stop it in any position and it is virtually weightless and eases any concerns of claustrophobia
  • Night mode power savings- overnight the tank automatically conserves energy and can even manage the lighting in the room.
  • Room lighting control – Exo controls the room lights so that when a float is in operation it turns off the room lights to prevent unwanted external light.
  • Central Exo Control System – all Exos can be controlled centrally using a local PC usually located at a reception desk, this provides monitoring of each system, setting the customers float profile and seeing assistance required alerts.
  • Low Draft ventilation – Exo always has fresh low humidity air during a float
  • Non-Drip internal surface
  • Remote Support – Exo support is always remotely accessible across the world – providing live diagnostics, fault finding to Exo HQ to assist in any problems should they arise. 
  • Room Layout Advise 

How long is the warranty of your product and what does it entail (service, replacement component etc.)?

See our full copy of the terms and conditions of our warrantee.

Is your tank completely sound proof?

Technically not, although all efforts have been made to make the Exo as sound proof as possible, it cannot truly be classed as sound proof otherwise it would not have any ventilation. If we were to use active ventilation, we could technically call it sound proof, however, when the ventilation is running (as it would need to during a float) it would be audible.

Installation & Use:

What surface area is needed to install the tank and what minimum space is needed for its functioning?

We would recommend a minimum size room of 4.2 meters x 4.2 meters – however there are various combinations which include plant rooms with the Pumps System and Storage tanks. If you have any specific requirements, we offer layout & floor plans in our Buying Plans.

 What kind of water and electricity connection are needed?

We would recommend a hot water supply In the Exo room, and Storage tank Location. This allows for easier washing down of rooms, Exo and Initial fill.

Electricity supply required – Each Exo requires a 25 Amp (220 – 240v supply) The breaker needs to be Class C or higher to prevent it tripping.

What is the power of your UV filtering (W)?

Exo uses a Photocatalytic UV system which is 40w. Exo uses a specially designed Photo catalytic Ultra Violet sterilising unit to provide the maximum solution treatment can be achieved during every filtration cycle. Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses short wavelength ultraviolet (UVC) light to kill or deactivate micro-organisms by destroying the nucleus and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

Is there a reservoir system?

Yes, Exo uses a 1000 litre storage tanks, two tanks allow for various configurations. Which makes it easier to install in smaller spaces. 

What is the time needed to fill / empty the reservoir? 

3 – 9 Minutes to fill or empty. Based on installation set up

Is there a hibernation mode?

Yes, during the nigh time the Exo conserves power, it can also control room lighting.

Time needed between float session? 

Exo takes 3 – 9 minutes to empty / fill, during this time the customer will usually be showering, so very little time is lost between floats. You can usually run float sessions back-to-back. Typically, you should allow 5-15 minutes at the Start of Float and 5-15 Minutes at the end to allow time for the customer to get showered dried and dressed.

Is the filtration noisy and can it start while the client is in the shower?

Filtration does not occur during a float, and so no noise is created. When using several tanks there may be times where one tank is filtering when another is still in use, to get around this the sessions can be staggered or synced so that nobodies experience is compromised. Usually this isn’t an issue.

What type of filtration or skimming performed between each session?

Exo Guarantees to filter all of the Solution as the Pod is left completely empty after each customer. Making cleaning after each customer much easier. Exo also has a skim mode to allow it easier to clean the surfaces within the Exo.

Is their different type/depth of filtration possible in-between session or at the end of the day

All the time the Pump is running the system is filtering. Having a reservoir system also enables the ability to transfer the bulk of solution to different locations meaning your able to shock dose pipe runs between locations.

What is the specification of the filters:

Exos 1 Micron Filters are an industry first, they provide Absolute filtration, compared to conventional nominal filters used in the industry they are approximately 60% more efficient. Manufactured from FDA materials compliant materials produced to CFR Title 21 standards and meeting stringent testing from BS6920, the filters are WRAS approved. With a Multiple microfibre layers the filters remove very fine particulate, oils and other unwanted contaminants from the solution.

Water quality varies in all parts of the world we would always recommend filtering water as best possible before filling the Pod, especially if the premises has remained dormant / empty for a long time.

How many 60min floats are possible on 10 hours functioning?

Each float Typically takes 90 minutes for the customer to enter and then leave the room. In a 10-hour day = 10 * 60 = 600 mins / 90mins = 6.67 Floats per 10-hour day.

What is the precision of your water temperature setting?

Highly accurate 0.1 °C

Is there an active ventilation?

Our Float Tank uses Low Draft ventilation – Where fresh low humidity air is drawn in during a float, passively, for less sound pollution. 

How do you maintain the relative humidity?

The ability to empty the Exo means that when Exo is not in use the Evaporation is minimal, meaning the humidity in your float rooms is reduced and temperature loss is decreased. The Exo also therefore is much less humid during floats.

Cost of the floating system:

Maintenance & cost of functioning:

Quantity needed for an Exo 550kg of Epsom Salt

How many sessions before renewing the water and/or the salt? – 550kg of Epsom salt required with 400 litres of water – due to Exos advanced filtration you never need replace the Salt solution; unless there is a contamination. However, over its lifetime the salt is gradually replaced as each time a customer leaves the Exo it reduces. In average usage 25kg is required per month. 

Plus, unit specific:

H202 sensors may require calibration checks

Ph sensors may require calibration checks

What can the Exo help with?

Exo reminds the customer to refill the H202 bottle when empty.

Filters – Exo reminds customers when to replace and change filters when they are getting blocked due to Smart sensing on plus Units, or a countdown timer on zero models

Pre filter block – small blue foam block which catches larger items such as hair to extend filter life

UV bulb lifetime – the bulb is to be replaced every 2 years.

H202 Sensor Membrane – once yearly

Dosing Pump Hose – once every 6 / 12 month

Spares for all wearing parts are available along with consumables for product support. Exo recommends specific supplies to ensure warranty and reliability. 

How many floats are possible before changing the filter? What is the cost of the filter?  

This depends on how hard they are used, if you have customers who lose a lot of hair etc. are going to be blocked faster – as a guide our filters typically last 30 days.

Is there a possibility to add music or light to your system?

Yes, Exo will add music and lighting by your request – there is an Administration charge for this.

If so, what is the quality of sound system?

High definition transducer system.

Power (Watts), impedance (Ohm), intensity (decibels)

Is the quality good enough to have a voice spoken to the client?


How does the monitoring of your tanks work?

one centralised control system(included).

c) Is there any remote-control system?

Currently you are required to access the system via the Exo Control system, however Exo has access remotely and will be developing a remote access for customers in future.

d) Do you have any emergency button within the tanks for the client?

Yes, integrated with the lighting control button for simplified use, single press of on / off of lighting – hold and press for alarm.

Do you provide any help with interior architect planning?

How far does that go (material use etc…, electricity, plumbing)? 

Of course – we had hands on experience with helping many floats centres design and create the right space, by learning from research of the industry as a whole we can help you not make the mistakes others do. Advice and help in choosing the right materials are always available. We can also work with you in advising the electrician, plumbers, and general builders.

Tank Description:

Exos Patented Design is a high specification composite construction, Exo was created from the ground up after three years of market research, with the user in mind. It has a one of the largest internal spaces on the market allowing users 7ft 4 inches to float comfortably and a low entry thresh hold meaning it gives greater access to people with restricted mobility. With a power-assisted door that opens fully, it enables the user to stand up for ease of entry and exit. Exo provides a premium floating experience with fully customizable lighting & music effects.

Solution Filters:

Exos Epsom Salt solution is fully drained out of the tank after each use, processed and stored in reservoir tanks. At the start of a float, the solution is pumped out of the reservoir tanks, then through two absolute bag filters, photocatalytic UV, automatic chemical dosing and solution monitoring system and inline heater unit before entering Exo. Then, at the end of a float, the solution is emptied from Exo, back though the Pump unit where it repeats the same process, filters, UV, Chemical Dosing, Solution Monitoring System, Heater and stored in our own reservoir tanks that are provided.

Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in small amounts to process the solution, which is completely automated and overseen by the Exo Control System. Some features are plus model only features.

Air Flow / Management:

Exo has passive ventilation that prevents excess humidity in the tank creating the perfect floating environment.

Fancy Features:

Programmable Independent internal LED’s, High Specification Audio Speakers, Fully Power-Assisted Doors, Emergency Light Button, Emergency Call Button, Non-Slip Flooring, Low Step in Threshold, Molded Grab Handles, In Room Interface, Hydrophobically Coated, Automated Online Monitoring, Operation Feedback, Silent Ventilation, Complete Empty & Fill Cycle, Large Internal Space, 100% Solution Processing

Delivery & Installation:

Exo is available worldwide. It’s manufactured in the UK. Exos simple design means it can be easily modularized and fit through a standard size door frame by the customer. Installation Teams will take care of everything, offering a white glove service from initial order to complete installation, or the system can be self-installed with support documentation and remote support. 

What do I need to bring?

Just Yourself! We provide everything you need for your float session. You will not need a swimsuit, as the tank is located in a private room. We provide towels and ear buds, plus shampoo and soap for the shower. You may want to bring a brush/comb and your own products such as deodorant and lotions.

Please stay away from strong fragrances in consideration of others!

If you use contact lenses, please remember to bring something to store them in while you float.

What do I wear during a float?

You can wear anything you want, but we would strongly recommend you wear nothing in order to get the full benefits.

Clothing will only be restricting the experience; however, most first-time floaters will opt for a swimsuit or swimming trunks if they feel more comfortable wearing something.

What preparation does a float session require?

Next to none. Arrive 10 minutes before your float session and everything will be ready for you!

How long can I float for?

Theoretically as long as you want, but the common float durations are 30, 60 and 90-minute Float Sessions.

We recommend a 60-minute first float to fully Immerse yourself within the experience.

However more experienced users might book multiple sessions and can last for more than 2 hours.

What should I expect after my first float session?

Each individual experience is different, so it’s hard to pin point a precise description of what you might expect. However, all feedback we’ve received so far has been extremely positive.

How many people can float at once?

We only allow one person per tank at a time.

We do however, have <insert number of float pods at your location> float pods in separate rooms, so up to three people can float simultaneously.

Do I need a change of clothes?

Not Necessarily. It’s common for users to exit the tank, have a shower and put your clothes back on to resume your day where you left off. But should you wish to change, then by all means. Your room is completely private. 

Float Concerns

What is Epsom Salt and why is it used in flotation tanks?

Epsom Salt, named after a bitter saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England, is not actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulphate. Renowned as a natural remedy for a number of ailments, Epsom salt has numerous health benefits as well as many beauty, household and gardening-related uses.

The wonders of Epsom salt have been well known for hundreds of years and unlike other ‘salts’, Epsom salt has beneficial properties that can soothe the body, mind and soul. Some of the countless health benefits include relaxing the nervous system, curing skin problems, soothing back pain, easing muscle strain, healing cuts, treating colds and congestion, and drawing toxins from the body.