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Experience the Unbeatable Floatation Therapy with the Exceptional Features of the EXO Float Tank.

Ultimate In Filtration

Our Float Tank fills and empties the entire pod before and after a float therapy session to make sure that 100% of the solution has gone through our 1 Micron filters and UV sterilization system. 

The alternative, used by most other Float Tanks, is to continuously cycle the solution whilst it is still inside of the tank. This method of filtration tends to miss stagnant areas of solution in the tank. Float Tanks which claim >100% filtration are quoting how much solution they can pump in-between float therapy sessions.

For Example: if a float tank had 600L of solution, and a pump which could operate at 300 liters per minuet,  over a 6 minuet customer turnaround there would technically be 300% “filtration”.


Energy Efficient Design


Exo’s floatation tank features an innovative insulated reservoir system, significantly reducing both temperature loss and evaporation. This results in a remarkable 60% less energy consumption compared to uninsulated models, making it an eco-friendly and efficient choice for users

Exo floatation tank stands out with its insulated reservoir system that greatly reduces energy consumption, minimizing temperature loss and evaporation. It’s an efficient and eco-friendly choice compared to a standard uninsulated float tank.

Maintenance & Support Features

The EXO Float Tank requires less maintenance, and our team can diagnose issues remotely. This feature ensures a hassle-free experience, as our team can promptly address any technical problems. It’s an efficient, low-maintenance choice for users who value convenience and peace of mind.

The technology in our float tanks provides live remote access, allowing us to diagnose issues and provide efficient and timely assistance to EXO. This feature significantly reduces diagnostic times and speeds up the resolution process, getting EXO back in action faster.


1 Micron Filter

Exo Floatation Tank

The EXO Float Tank is equipped with industry-leading filters, consisting of two 1-micron bag filters that are approximately 70 times smaller than a human hair. These filters provide maximum filtration without compromising the speed of the fill and empty times. The filters are so advanced that they can even remove hair dye colour from the water, which demonstrates their exceptional effectiveness in removing even the tiniest of particles.

Features Absolute Filtration

The filters in the EXO Float Tank use absolute filtration, which is a superior filtration method compared to nominal filters. Absolute filters are designed to remove particles of a specific size with a high degree of efficiency and consistency, whereas nominal filters have a wider range of particle sizes that they can capture, but with lower overall efficiency.

Absolute filtration ensures that particles of the specified size or larger are removed from the water with near-100% efficiency. This is important for float tanks, as even tiny particles can affect the quality of the experience. The use of absolute filtration in the EXO Float Tank’s filters further highlights their high level of effectiveness and reliability.

UV Sterilization System

To ensure the highest level of cleanliness, our Float Tank boasts an Ultra-Violet (UVC) sterilization system, which effectively eliminates any micro-organisms that may be left over, complementing our class-leading 1-micron filters.

The Exo Float Tank’s advanced UV disinfection system – powered by the superior technology of amalgam lamps. Our state-of-the-art system offers unparalleled germicidal efficacy, destroying 99.9% of harmful microorganisms. Compared to standard UVC lamps, our amalgam lamps provide a remarkable 2-3 times greater intensity of UVC radiation, ensuring maximum disinfection with every use. With the Exo Float Tank’s cutting-edge UV technology, you can be confident that your float sessions are as safe and hygienic as possible.


Spacious Interior

Exo Floatation Tank
The EXO Float Tank has the largest interior on the market; comfortably allowing users of 7 ft 4” (223 cm) to float. It’s opening is also big enough for people with disabilities. With full standing entry any customer can use the Exo and the use of a Hoist for those less able is always an option; better than any float cabin, tank or pod on the market. Floating should be accessible to all.

Easy Cleaning

The EXO Float Tank empties after the float session not only to ensure 100% filtration but also so that you can clean the surface of the tank without getting wet. In a float tank that uses a re-circulating, non fill & empty, style of filtration the water level will never change because there is no reservoir to store it. All float tank manufacturers say that you should wipe down the float tank regularly, but having to do this when the solution cannot be emptied (without it being lost completely – along with £££ of salt) is a time consuming and messy job.

Exo Floatation Tank

Modern Design

When you buy a float tank, you’re not only buying a product, you’re buying a center piece. And there’s no getting around the presence that the EXO Float Tank has. Gone are the days of float tanks that resemble ordinary bathtubs with a roof or boxy fiberglass structures. The EXO Float Tank speaks for itself in terms of appearance.

Competitive Pricing

The EXO Float Tank provides a versatile and profitable approach to Float Tank Ownership, with low running costs, finance available and business help guides available. The Float Tank market is wide and extremely varied, ranging from tent style floatation experiences to full size float rooms. We offer the very best floatation experience on the market without needing large infrastructure changes, saving you time and money.

Exo Floatation Tank