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Preparing For Your Float Tank

Great Returns with Preparation

Planning for your project


One of the first decision you have to make is the scope of your project. Whilst a single float tank will usually generate a steady profit, you’ll find that running multiple tanks will generate higher profits. With the Exo Float Pod, the software is designed to allow a single person to easily manage multiple Pods at the same time. Consequently your running costs per tank decreases with each Exo you use.

Once you have decided on your scope, the next step is compare your scope to your budget. If borrowing, it is important to check with your lender to see whether they’ll provide you what you require. You may need to scale down if you can’t get what you need. Knowing you budget in advance can save a lot of time and wasted effort in the when trying to plan out your build. It is likely that trying secure funding will take a large amount of time, so plan for this in advance.


When opening setting a float room, it is important to ensure the location is suitable. Ideally, you want rooms that contain both the Pod and a shower. With the Exo’s pump system, you can decide whether to place all the machinery in a dedicated plant room, or in the same room as the Pods. Both options have their advantages.

If you’re planning on starting a brand new facility, the location will be a large factor. From our experience, we’ve found that people are willing to travel further for floatation therapy. As such, it may be more beneficial to pick a more distant location with lower running costs than somewhere very central with higher running costs.

It is also worth considering expansion opportunities when looking a properties. Even if you don’t fill all the rooms up immediately, you can still do so in the future. Whether you want to run more floatation tanks, or offer a different service, having that expansion space will provide you with an opportunity to scale your business.


Marketing is the key to success when offering floatation therapy. Even if you had the perfect facility and set up, it would not matter if nobody knew you existed. It is imperative that you start marketing your facility as early as possible. Establishing a social media presence, showing off what you will be offering, and presenting your upcoming launch are some of the many tasks we’d recommend when starting marketing your business.

While float therapy has been around for more than 50 years and has been proven to offer many medical benefits, there is a lack of public awareness, though this is improving as a result of more focus being placed on mental wellbeing. When marketing, it may help to focus on the multiple names for floatation therapy. Sensory deprivation therapy and relaxation therapy are terms that have been used in various media.

Leading to your Opening Days

Build and Installation

The level of technology required to build a successful float centre or float room is quite straight forward and within the capability of most builders/construction teams. We’ll can advise you on the most cost effective ways to create the right atmosphere for your clients.

As an Exo customer we will assist you with designing your float rooms. We can help you decide on where to locate the pump equipment, how to position the Pods and specifying on material design choices.

The Exo Pod has been designed to be installable without requiring a float tank specialist. We supply a self install guide, detailing all the steps you need to take to install the Pods. Alternatively, we offer installation as a service, simply tell us when you’re purchasing and we can offer you a quote.

Pricing your Floats

Before opening, you’ll need to decide on your pricing. Floats are generally priced between £40 to £75 per one-hour session in the UK and $45 to $95 in the United States. It is also worth considering offers, discounts, etc. For example, float customers tend to be repeat visitors – you could offer special opening week offers to get more initial visits, and potentially, more customers. Subscription packages also work well as they provide a consistent income for your buisness.

Familiarising with your Exo

It is important you and your staff are familiar with how to operate and maintain your new Exo. Whilst it is very easy to start floats using the Exo Float App (simply press start), it helps to have a practice run before any customers come. Ensure you have a procedure in place for introducing customers who have never floated before.

Make sure cleaning procedures are established once customers have finished. It is advisable to wipe down the Pod after each customer. You should also change the filters every month, though the Exo Float App will notify you when you should do this. If all maintenance is carried out, you should not need to replace the solution, a scenario some traditional float tanks generally require after 9 months of usage.
Exo Floatation Tank

Planning for the Future

Once your business has settled in, you may wish to expand. Running multiple Exo tanks can offer a great return on investment. However, if you can’t expand this way, there are plenty of other services you could offer. Floatation tanks pair very well with the majority of Spa and Fitness equipment. You could aim to specialise a specific area, become a general wellness facility, or keep growing as a float centre.

Physical Therarpy

Floatation therapy can assist in the recovery from the strenuous activity athletes endure to reach peak physical form. By offering fitness equipment alongside your Exo, you can differentiate yourself from local gyms, giving people to ability to exercise and recover, all in one location.

Mental Therapy

Floatation tanks have been shown to destress and relax it’s users. By pairing up your Exo float tank with traditional Spa techniques, you can offer your customer a way of recovering and relaxing in one package.


There are many hotels is the world that have affiliated spa’s and offering floatation therapy can help you stand. While it is unlikely you will be able to expand into a hotel if you’re starting as a wellness facility, there are other options available. You could collaborate with local hotels to offer wellness packages.

Beauty Therapy

The solution used in the Exo tank contains large amounts of Epsom Salt. This can improve the complexion and appearance of the floaters skin. By combining your Exo float tank with other beauty packages, you could offer an all in one treatment to help bring the beauty out in people


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