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Leaders in float tanks for home and commercial use

Exo Float, the market leader in float therapy and sensory deprivation tanks

Float therapy is a way to help people to recover and relax from the stresses that we all face every day. Easy to set up, run and maintain, Exo Float sensory deprivation tanks are built with premium materials and the latest in float and wellness technology.

Industry-leading advanced sensory deprivation technology

The Exo Float sensory deprivation tank empties and refills the entire Epsom Salt solution before and after each session. This ensures that 100% of the solution enters our photo-catalytic UV sterilizer and the 1 Micron absolute filters. With these two processes combined, the Exo Float Tank is the cleanest on the market.

Traditional float tanks store the solution in the float tank and cycle it through a single filter in-between sessions. This method of filtration will tend to miss stagnant areas of solution in the Floatation Tank.

Claims of greater than 100% filtration are quotes of how much liquid the pump used can move in-between sessions. The result is that skin particles or foreign contaminates build up over time, which requires the Epsom salt solution to be thrown away and replaced periodically.

100% Filtration
Each session filters 100% of the solution (unlike other float tanks)
60>% energy efficient
Than other uninsulated float tanks
Remote support
Internet aware support from our engineers
UV Sterilisation system
highest level of cleanliness
Competitive pricing & Low Running Costs