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Advanced lighting for a better float session

Floating has significantly evolved over the years, with the Exo Pod leading the revolution, especially in integrating light to amplify the experience. As an owner of an Exo Pod, or if you’re contemplating adding one to your facility, understanding its advanced lighting system will be a unique selling point for your business. But how do you communicate this to potential clients or even seasoned floaters? It’s crucial to highlight that these aren’t just ordinary lights. They’re specially designed mood enhancers, crafted to elevate the overall floating experience. Let’s explore the specifics to ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge to showcase your Exo Pod’s capabilities.

Innovative Lighting Design: Enhancing Tranquillity in the Exo Pod

The Exo Pod boasts a strategic placement of its lights, designed with the floater’s comfort and experience in mind. Positioned below and behind the floater, the lights remain outside of one’s peripheral vision. This ensures that floaters aren’t subjected to the discomfort of staring directly into an intense luminescence during their float. Furthermore, by utilising four independent lights, the system dramatically reduces shadowing and blockage of emitted light. This design choice not only ensures a consistent glow but also fosters a diffused lighting effect. The resulting gentle and encompassing ambient glow enhances the serene environment, making the floating experience even more immersive and tranquil.

The Halo: A Smart Indicator for Exo Pod Operators

For operators of the Exo Pod, the exterior lighting offers more than just aesthetics. Specifically, the Halo Tape serves a dual purpose: it beautifies while also acting as an intuitive indicator of the Pod’s current status. This innovative feature changes colours to reflect the Pod’s mode, allowing operators to understand its state with just a quick glance. Whether the Exo Pod is in cleaning mode, maintenance, or ready for a user, the Halo Tape provides clear, color-coded signals. This not only streamlines operations but also enhances safety and efficiency, ensuring the best experience for both operators and floaters.

Decoding the Lighting Sequence

Each lighting profile within the Exo Pod operates based on a preprogrammed sequence, meticulously crafted from research to ensure optimal user experiences. Every profile begins with an ‘intro’ phase to set the ambiance as your float commences and concludes with an ‘outro’ to signal the session’s end. These phases typically span 5 to 10 minutes, although there are select profiles offering continuous lighting throughout the session. This consistent structure in all lighting profiles not only helps floaters gauge the progression of their session but also provides a familiar pattern they can comfortably anticipate and appreciate. The standardised lighting sequences make it simpler for staff to introduce and educate first-time floaters, ensuring a cohesive and easy-to-follow orientation process.

The inspiration behind another Exo Lighting Profile – The Night Sky

Simplified customer lighting control

In the Exo Pod, the customer’s control over the lighting during their session is thoughtfully streamlined to ensure simplicity and avoid distractions. The design boasts just a single button situated on the pod’s rear wall, deliberately minimising complications. Unlike other float tanks cluttered with multiple buttons that can confuse users, the Exo Pod’s single-button approach eliminates the risk of accidental disruptions. A common issue with other tanks is the unintentional pressing of the attendant call button instead of the lighting control — an experience that can be unwanted, especially if the attendant unexpectedly opens the door mid-session! Research during development of the lighting controls actually showed that the traditional design can lead to apprehension among some customers, with many avoiding the use of controls altogether for fear of making an incorrect choice.

In the Exo Pod, this concern is effectively addressed. While the simplified button allows for easy lighting adjustments, it also serves as an assistance button in case of emergencies. However, activating it requires a deliberate long press of five seconds, ensuring no accidental calls to the attendant.

In the Exo Pod, the single-button approach offers intuitive control over the lighting, breaking it down into three distinct stages: the lighting profile, white light, and off. Here’s how it works:

  1. Lighting Profile: This is the pre-programmed lighting sequence designed for the session. A simple press of the button will activate or return to this profile if it’s part of the current session’s settings.
  2. White Light: Another press of the button switches the lighting to a steady white light, providing clear visibility without the dynamic changes of the lighting profile.
  3. Off: A subsequent press turns the lights off completely, allowing floaters to immerse themselves in darkness if they prefer.

If the button is pressed mid-session during a period when no lighting profile is active, the system defaults to the white light and off. Cycling through these options is as simple as repeatedly pressing the button until the desired setting is achieved. This straightforward mechanism ensures users have control over their ambiance without the complexities of multiple controls or settings.

Synchronise with End-of-Float Lighting Music Sync

With the Exo Pod’s advanced settings, you can synchronise the outro lighting with the end-of-float music. If you want the lighting and music to end simultaneously, match the duration of both. For a 10-minute lighting profile, use a song that’s edited to 10 minutes. If the song is longer than the lighting profile, the Exo Pod will default to a bright white light for the remaining time. The Exo ensuring both the lighting and music start at the same time as the float ends. This provides a seamless union of audio and visual, simplifying the experience for operators with easy controls.


The Exo Pod transcends the traditional float experience by integrating advanced lighting capabilities, promising not just relaxation but also an immersive sensory journey. By understanding and customizing these lighting features, users can truly tailor their floating sessions for maximum enjoyment and tranquillity. Dive in, play around with the settings, and find the perfect blend of light and sound for your next float. Happy floating!

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