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Understanding Float Tank Filtration: Exo vs. Traditional Methods

Understanding Float Tank Filtration: Exo vs. Traditional Methods

Floating therapy, or sensory deprivation therapy, has risen in popularity, promising numerous wellness benefits. At the heart of ensuring a pleasant and hygienic float experience is the tank’s filtration process. Let’s delve into the intricacies of float tank filtration and see how Exo’s method outshines traditional techniques.

Exo Floatation Tank

The Challenge with Traditional Float Tanks

Traditional float tanks have a mechanism that continuously recirculates the solution. Though it might sound effective, this method does not always comprehensively reach all parts of the tank. Consequently, some contaminants can remain overlooked. When some of these tanks make a claim of “100% filtration,” it’s crucial to note they are speaking about the volume of solution processed between sessions, not necessarily the thoroughness of the cleaning.

The Bathtub Analogy

To better understand this, picture a regular bathtub filled with water, with a cupful of glitter added to it. Your objective is to remove the glitter. You have two primary methods:

  1. Bucket Scoop Method: You can scoop out water using a bucket, filter the glitter, and return the water sans glitter to the tub. You’d repeat this till you’ve processed the entire volume, bucket by bucket.
  2. Total Drain Method: Another way is to drain the whole bathtub, directing the water through a filter to capture all the glitter. Afterward, you refill the tub with the completely cleaned water.

Here’s the catch: The bucket scoop method, while processing the full volume, might still leave some glitter behind because of its redistributive nature. The total drain method, on the other hand, guarantees a complete and efficient cleanse.

Relating It Back to Float Tanks

Swap out the glitter for contaminants like skin particles and dirt in a float tank, and you face a similar challenge. These particles, like glitter, redistribute, making their thorough removal a challenging task.

Exo’s Superior Filtration Technique

Enter Exo. Its filtration technique resonates with the total drain approach. It guarantees that the entire solution is drained and filtered, ensuring every contaminant is addressed. And here’s the most impressive part: Exo’s method attains a staggering 99.999999% filtration efficiency! Traditional tanks, with their inherent methodological flaws, cannot match this assurance of cleanliness.

In Conclusion

A float experience should be relaxing, therapeutic, and above all, hygienic. The filtration process plays a pivotal role in ensuring this. Exo, with its advanced methodology, stands as a testament to what modern technology and innovative thinking can achieve in enhancing the float therapy experience.

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