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Revitalising Your Spa in a Touchless World: The Float Tank Solution to Empty Treatment Rooms

In the ever-evolving world of wellness, spa owners face the persistent challenge of keeping treatment rooms bustling with clients. The answer to this conundrum might just be floating right before us: float tanks. Here’s how these pods can breathe life back into those vacant rooms.

The Challenge of the Pandemic Era

The pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge to the spa and salon industry. Suddenly, close-contact treatments that were once the mainstay became a potential health risk, leading to apprehensions and a decline in footfall. In this scenario, touchless spa treatments emerged as the beacon of innovation. Investing in float tanks provides a dual advantage: it sets your business apart from the competition while capitalising on a lucrative trend to maximise profits.

With floatation tanks, you can promise and deliver an unforgettable experience while prioritising the health and safety of both staff and guests. In these times, assuring and offering such a space has become paramount. A float tank, therefore, isn’t just a spa treatment; it’s a refuge, a sanctuary. Businesses, big or small, will find them a worthwhile investment, offering clients both peace of mind and a transformative experience.

Embracing the Touchless Trend

In today’s altered landscape, touchless treatments have become more than a novelty—they’re a necessity. Float tanks, inherently solitary and devoid of direct contact, perfectly align with the present-day demands, offering clients a safe, personal cocoon of relaxation.

The Unique Appeal of Sensory Deprivation

Beyond the pandemic, the essence of float tanks—sensory deprivation—has its innate allure. Offering a break from our stimulus-saturated world, it presents an unparalleled luxury of complete disconnection, attracting both seasoned wellness seekers and novices eager for a fresh experience.

Holistic Wellness Benefits

The benefits of float tanks are manifold:

  • Mental Well-being: They’re known to diminish anxiety, elevate mood, and even spur creativity.
  • Physical Recovery: The Epsom salt-rich environment aids in relaxing muscles—a boon for athletes and individuals with chronic pain alike.
  • Sleep Enhancement: Regular floating can significantly ameliorate sleep patterns, drawing in those grappling with sleep disturbances.


Efficient Maintenance

Contrary to some high-maintenance spa treatments, float tanks are surprisingly hassle-free. Their salinated water naturally disinfects, and many contemporary tanks are equipped with self-cleaning mechanisms. This ensures minimal downtime and optimal client availability.


Crafting Custom Packages

To foster client loyalty, consider curating float tank packages or membership deals. Bundling float sessions with other treatments or offering discounts for recurrent visits can guarantee a consistent client base.

Promoting the Novelty

The relatively nascent status of float tanks in mainstream wellness is a marketing goldmine. Introductory sessions, genuine client reviews, or even collaborations with local influencers can amplify the intrigue around your float tanks.


Staff Training for Seamless Integration

Last but not least, ensure your team is well-versed with float tanks, see our explainer page ‘What is Floating’ for a condensed guide. When they can answer questions, address concerns, and enhance the guest experience, client satisfaction is a given.


In Conclusion

Adaptability is the cornerstone of any thriving business, especially in the wellness sector. By embracing float tanks, spas can not only address the immediate challenges posed by the pandemic but also solidify their standing in the future landscape of holistic well-being.

Exo float tanks are trusted globally by float centres, spas, hotels, sports institutes and medical facilities. Designed for ease of installation, operation, and maintenance, the Exo float tank is constructed from premium materials and showcases the leading edge of float technology. 

Equipped with remote assistance, thorough filtration, and advanced UV sterilisation, the Exo tank is the benchmark for hygiene and functionality in the market. Interested in learning more speak to an expert or get a custom quote today, our team is on hand to help.

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